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Mahindra Lifespaces designs homes such that they are always spacious and elegant, Mahindra Eden is one such property in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

People’s health, jobs, and daily activities have all been impacted by the closure and the present situation. What is less well understood and addressed is how it affects people’s psychology.

People have had a variety of reactions to being at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some people felt liberated to pursue long-forgotten interests, while others felt claustrophobic. Some people would make the most of their time, while others remained concerned. What is certain, though, is that space made a significant impact on everyone. While many people found lengthy amounts of time at home challenging, those who lived in big houses in developments with needed facilities had a different narrative to tell.

As a result, being unable to do normal chores is mostly due to a lack of space in your home. On the one hand, those who live in smaller dwellings are limited to conducting just the most essential tasks. People who live in large houses, on the other hand, have been able to adapt a wide range of activities from their everyday routine to their lockdown lives. We’re talking about the following advantages of having a large house:

Work-life balance

Yes, the shutdown has shifted the meaning of this phrase. For the first time, individuals felt the need to reconcile their lives with some jobs. Working from home is a source of fear for many people since they find it difficult to get into the work ‘zone.’ If you look closely, you’ll notice that this zone is connected to the workspace you use. You may be in the ‘zone’ at home if you have a private office with all of the required infrastructure, furnishings, and seclusion. People who live in large homes have the luxury of establishing a distinct workplace where they may focus on their job without being distracted.

Uninterrupted workouts

Gym-goers have been irritated by the lockdown and are counting down the days until their gyms reopen. People who live in large homes, on the other hand, may dedicate a separate room for exercise and even put up they’re including well gym at home. They can keep on track with their fitness objectives this way.

The pursuit of your dreams

Indulging in things you enjoy is one of the finest ways to make the most of your leisure time. Dancing, drawing, playing an instrument, and singing are just a few examples. It’s difficult to perform such a form of art in a small home without being disrupted or causing an issue for others. The comfort of privacy is only available in large residences.

These are just a few examples of how individuals have made use of the additional room in their large homes. To learn more, you must live in one of these homes and feel it for yourself! And if you’re seeking a house right now, particularly huge flats in Mumbai, Mahindra Vicino is a great option.


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