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In India, green buildings are a relatively recent concept. These new structures, on the other hand, have a lot of potential for widespread adoption. Simply because of the environmental and lifestyle advantages they provide.

A Green Building, by definition, is a building that, by its design, construction, or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts on our natural environment while also having the potential to produce positive impacts. In order to acquire certification and give the advantages of a green building certification to its residents and developers, a structure must pass specific standards imposed by various agencies. While the environmental benefits of green buildings are well-known, the lifestyle benefits are less well-known. As a result, we’d like to share them with you.

Lower Costs Across the Life Cycle

Green buildings are built to maximize the use of natural resources. These natural resources are conserved while simultaneously providing economic advantages to the inhabitants. To give you an example, the ‘green’ construction at our project Mahindra Windchimes (Bengaluru) has led in electricity bill savings of up to 20% due to energy-efficient walls and roofing, as well as enabling appropriate sunshine within. Additionally, the adoption of low-flow water fixtures, a rainwater collection system, and a solar water heating system has resulted in water bill savings of up to 30%.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Green buildings not only benefit the economy, but they also benefit the residents’ health. It is mostly accomplished through cutting-edge design and construction techniques. Returning to Windchimes, the project’s use of low volatile organic compound paints results in improved interior air quality and less pollution.

From Garbage to Gold

One of the most important aspects of green building is effective waste management. It results in the creation of organic fuels as well as cleaner ecosystems. Every apartment at Mahindra Windchimes has a dry and wet waste separation system. Following collection, 100% of the organic waste is processed and utilized as manure for the project’s vegetation.

Benefits from Taxes

Many state governments want to give incentives to stimulate the development and sale of green buildings since they are good for the environment. Incentives would be available to both developers and customers. Under the Karnataka Green Building Incentive Policy, the state government of Karnataka is contemplating granting incentives such as property tax and stamp duty reductions. Homebuyers are encouraged to inquire about such benefits with our staff because Windchimes is a Green Building in Bengaluru.

Living in a Green Building might be the best decision you ever make. You will have the satisfaction of living an efficient lifestyle in addition to the great sensation of helping to environmental protection.


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